Priority Door and Window Products

4606 Mission Gorge Place Ste A
San Diego, CA 92120

Showroom Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:00am to 5:00pm
Weekend and Evenings: By Appointment
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Showroom   Showroom
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We have the following Fleetwood products displayed in our showroom:
Full Size Products Displayed:
Series 3600-T New Thermally Broken Folding Door 10' x 10'
Series 3070 OXX - 15' x 10'
Series 3000 - 10' x 10', 1-1/4" Sill
Series 3900-T Single Outswing Door - 4' x 10'
Series 3800-T w/ Series 250-T Inserts - 5' x 10'
Series 250 Frame w/ Stackbar - 5' x 10', Push Out Casement, Rotogear Awning, Cam Handle Hopper


Series 3050 Flush Sill
Series 3800-T 90-Degree Corner Post
Series 250-T 90-Degree Corner Post
Series 250-T 135-Degree Corner Post
1000 Sill
1070 Sill
1050 Sill
Corner Samples - Series 250, Series 2000, Series 3070
Series 3070 w/Flushed Recessed Sub Sillpan and Drainage Tubes
Glass Samples Including Curved Radius Glass
Wicket Screen Sample
Archetype and Archetype Narrow Hardware Displays