Choosing The Right Dealer

  • Make sure you select a dealer within a short driving distance to the installation. Dealers are responsible for providing exceptional service before, during and after the sale.
  • Make sure you are able to view and operate full size, current displays.
  • Make sure you DO NOT pick the least expensive dealer. We encourage you to select a dealer who will provide the best service after the sale.
  • Make sure you choose a dealer listed in our Dealer Search online. If you are outside any of those areas contact, for assistance on finding the right dealer.
  • Make sure your dealer is involved during installation EVEN if they are not providing it.
  • Make sure ALL your Fleetwood products are being fabricated by the factory. Get this assurance in writing to verify you are getting a full Fleetwood warranty. Some products do not carry a factory warranty unless installed by an Authorized Dealer.
  • Make sure your dealer will be there to provide FREE labor on warranty issues.
  • Make sure your dealer knows the product exceptionally well. Challenge them in this regard and if they do not pass the test, find another dealer. Please let us know about your experiences so we can improve our product training.
  • You are relying upon their professional know-how to help you in Choosing The Right Product.