Television Episodes

It is not unusual to spot Fleetwood products in amazing homes featured in television shows. Some examples can be found below.

This House Hunter episode includes a contemporary condo near the Sunset Strip with Fleetwood products:
Hollywood Hills Getaway
These episodes of Selling LA include homes that showcase Fleetwood products:
Bachelor Pads and Party Homes / Rock Star Real Estate / Architecture of a Deal
This Giuliana & Bill episode includes a house with Fleetwood sliding doors:
House Hunting
Large Norwood sliders could recently be seen in the background of 30 Rock's Leap Day episode!
Homes featuring Fleetwood products are frequently seen on episodes of HGTV's Beautiful Homes:
Malibu Oceanfront Home / Modern Masterpiece Home
Fans of the new show Nashville will spot a large Norwood 3070EX sliding door in Hayden's beautiful house! This same house gets lots of screen time in the new Rascal Flatts "Come Wake Me UP" music video.