Series 250-T: Casement, Awning, Hopper

Low Maintenance & Painted Finishes

Unique Paint Colors: The Series 250-T is available in two stock paint finishes: Clear Anodize and Dark Bronze Anodize. We do, however, encourage custom colors so feel empowered to select a color that best fits the design of your home.

Extended Warranty: For general applications where regular maintenance of your windows is expected, our standard anodize finishing is an excellent choice for durability purposes. However, for those who may not be able to provide as strict a regime of maintenance, we strongly recommend Edge Armor. It is a finish procedure option that involves total fabrication of your products BEFORE painting so all edges are armored with the same protective finish as the rest of the window. This significantly reduces the amount of required maintenance and extends the finish warranty to 10 years! Please note that this feature is only offered if the Westwood is not thermally broken.

Special Anodizing: In recent years anodizing has become more widely requested and for good reason. It is a rich, contemporary looking finish that is very resilient to handling and weathering damage. We offer several different earth tone colors, ranging from black to clear.

Coastal Hardware Upgrade: If your home is within 5 miles of salt water, we strongly recommend our cam handles and stainless steel four bar hinges. If however, you prefer the design characteristics of the standard roto operator hardware, we strongly suggest the black painted hardware because each requires less care and maintenance than the standard brushed silver. Refer to the Hardware page in the brochure or the Hardware Descriptions link on the product page.