Series 3000-T Thermally Enhanced Traditional Style Sliding Door

Effortless Maintenance

Threshold Longevity: Most every other door on the market cuts corners when it comes to the rollers and the track. Our doors roll on a heavy guage stainless steel insert. This optimizes operation because the convex relationship of the track fits perfectly with the concavity of the wheel. Most other manufacturers have an aluminum sill and strap on a thin cap. Like most short cuts, this cap will deform and eventually come off.

Rollers & Latches: The Series 3000-T consists only of the highest-grade stainless steel rollers and latch assemblies. The latching system is our own Archetype Hardware, which is made of cast stainless steel and throws a large, laminated hook. Because the Archetype Hardware is flush to the extrusion face, the panel can bypass other panels and not interfere with drapes or blinds.

ADA Lever: One outstanding feature of the Archetype hardware is its ability to quickly convert a standard door lock into one that meets ADA requirements. The optional ADA Lever comes in its own packet and takes only a few moments to install.

Conservation: Fleetwood has published a simple set of procedures to ensure the long life of your Fleetwood doors and windows. It is readily available from the Homeowners section of our website.