Series 3070-T Exterior Rated Multi-slide & Pocket Door System

Quality Details

Same Great Hardware As "3070": Like the Series 3070, the Series 3070-T is offered with the Archetype Hardware.

Precision Bearing Rollers: The Archetype roller comes standard with authentic precision bearings. Many doors claim precision but only Fleetwood partners with a Switzerland based manufacturer that specializes in precision bearings.

Fit & Finished: We have gone to great lengths to make the appearance of this door exceptional. We provide things other doors think are a waste of money, such as: Pocket Closers, Jamb Closers, Head Closers, and Sill Closers. These "small things" complete the package.

Stout Screen Frame: So many other doors are provided with a flimsy screen. Our standard screen is the best sliding screen door made, period! Why? Because we use the same parts as we do on the glass panels.