Series 3070-T Standard Features

Stock Anodized Finish: Dark Bronze (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1" Insulated Glass with Dark Bronze Spacer
6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum
Poured & De-bridged Thermal Barrier
Strut Thermal Barrier (Interlockers & Perimeter Frame)

1-15/16" (per track) Deep Equal Leg (Block) Perimeter Frame
Stainless Steel Assembly Screws
Jamb Filler (s)
Head Filler (s)
Sill Filler (s)
3/4" Height Threshold (No Riser) with Stainless Steel Track
Aluminum Sill Pan (Non Thermal)

Authentic Precision Bearing Stainless Steel Tandem Archetype Rollers (3" Diameter)
Equal Sized Glass
Archetype Stainless Steel Hardware
Actuator Height 54"
Adjustable Stainless Steel Strike
Stainless Steel Dust Box
Wrap Around Glazing