Series 3900-T Luxury Home Entrance Door

Series 3900-T Vs Storefront

3900-T Vs Storefront - Part I: Commercial storefront doors are not intended to resist weather. Water and air infiltration are normal symptoms. The Series 3900-T was engineered for luxury homes and designed to resist weather. The integral nail fin is unique to hinged doors on the market. Our tandem weather-stripping points and extrusion designs make the Series 3900-T an exceptional performer.

3900-T Vs Storefront - Part II: The Series 3900-T frame corners look residential unlike the non-linear joinery of storefront doors. In contrast, our butt joined corners create perfect symmetry. The strength of each vent corner is unrivaled, especially when compared to storefront doors. Each Series 3900-T vent corner is keyed and welded for strength and long life. The feature allows Fleetwood to provide exceptional sizes well beyond typical storefront doors.

3900-T Vs Storefront - Part III: Typical storefront doors come with commercial hardware which is cumbersome to operate. The thumb turn spins more than 720 degrees making it hard to tell if the door is locked or unlocked. In contrast, the Series 3900-T is operated with one handle that actuates three locks. Our fourth lock is an attractive thumb turn that only spins 180 degrees. To add even more value, the Series 3900-T hardware is made of corrosion resistant materials.

3900-T Vs Storefront - Part IV: Although the Series 3900-T does not require routine adjusting it does offer easy adjustability, if ever needed. Our hinges were designed for luxury homes and come equipped with three adjustment points that any "do it yourselfer" can do (instructions available online). Storefront doors offer crude methods of adjusting e.g. "jack screw" and typically require a technician to come to your home. Regardless of the frame color, we finish the hinges to match perfectly.